Transatlantic Soundsystem, 104 Bpm & Coflo – Mzansfree Ep


Transatlantic Soundsystem comes by way of creative trade between Durban, SA producer 104 BPM and Bay Area, USA artist Coflo. Mzansfree – the boom boom…a massive kick drum pushes an almost infinitely building arrangement only to snap for a moment. That moment is the MOVEMENT! The vocal chant loop snaps into action forcing you to loose or move it. Either result is fun.

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Meu Deus (round 1 mix) – Meu Deus heads into a deeper direction, without being light on the kick drum. Again, a constant state of building in the arrangement, the song continues to layer without feeling like it hasn’t lost its initial deep groove. Meu Deus (round 2 mix) – Taking the initial idea of the round 1 arrangement, they lift the spirit of the track into a warmer place filling the holes with warm melodic vibes. Still making sure there is plenty of quality groove to keep your lower back snapping to the point of breaking.

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Transatlantic Soundsystem, 104 BPM, Coflo – Mzansfree
Transatlantic Soundsystem, 104 BPM, Coflo – Meu Deus (Round 1 Mix)
Transatlantic Soundsystem, 104 BPM, Coflo – Meu Deus (Round 2 Mix)

Transatlantic Soundsystem, 104 BPM & Coflo – Mzansfree EP